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Neutec Technology Sdn Bhd (Neutec) is founded on the principle of providing premium solutions to its customers.
Our people and their commitment to excellence drive our vision. By applying innovative technologies, we are able to
provide customers with communication solutions that are secure and reliable.
Neutec offers products and services that are fully designed and developed in Malaysia. We provide communication services to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and corporate enterprises.

As of May 2014, Neutec is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status company, with the objective to ensure optimal and secure communication solutions at unprecedented value. Strongly supported by market demands for effective VoIP Technology Solutions, Neutec deploys an infrastructure that will further enhance its position as an increasingly major force in the Information Technology (IT) market.
Driven by the proliferation of devices, today’s digital and mobile landscape is rapidly evolving, affecting a shift in working practices. Due to the efficiency and convenience of their communications, instant messaging has quickly become a staple mode of communication within enterprises.
The unprecedented growth of instant messaging brings greater efficiencies to the workplace. Likewise, the traditional 9 to 5 working day based in an office is no longer the norm; employees are working remotely and communicating outside the network of the office, compromising corporate information.

To balance the risk and reward of remote working and real-time communications, it is important to be aware that there are people who want to fraudulently access the information. The responsibility for the privacy and safety of all enterprise communications lie with the business.
Neutec Technology’s SECURE PLAY Solution is the complete end-to-end encrypted solution combining instant messaging and telephony for enterprises wishing to introduce solid security protocols to their current communication technologies.

With SECURE PLAY, users can safely exchange text messages, pictures, audio and video media, make free secured sVoSIPcalls, and conduct free audio or video conferencing over a secured network – through both smart phones and desktop computers.

SECURE PLAY addresses security vulnerabilities of remote communications of businesses from malicious attacks. Despite its holistic approach to security and encryption, SECURE PLAY isscalable and customizable to a business’ needs.

Neutec’s SECURE PLAY Solution architecture consists of a set of components that interoperate whilst fortified by key management and server security. It enables a scalable and modular communications platform.

SECURE PLAY delivers the following capabilities:

End-to-end Encryption
A security modeled technology which will protect mobile phone calls against tapping. The protection starts directly from caller mobile phone up to receiver mobile phones, without any chance for intermediate devices (PBXs, routers, switches, firewalls) to be able to listen to the call.

Multiple Encryption Algorithms
SECURE PLAY supports multiple encryption algorithms (ZRTP, AES, MD5). As a result, sensitive data is never readable by unauthorized users, thus minimizing the risk of information theft from internal or external attacks.
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
A cryptographic algorithm that is used to protect electronic data against man-in-the-middle, replay and tappingattacks. An AES algorithm is a symmetric block cipher that can encrypt data at its point of release and decrypt back to its original form when received. The encryption process converts data into an unintelligible form while it is travelling from one end to the other.

Z real-time Transport (ZRTP) Protocol
ZRTP is an open IETF standard voice encryption system that requires human-based verification for the encryption of a call. By use of end-to-end encryption, parties of a communication establish the security directly among them, without trusting the server thus enabling protection against servers while disabling their ability to record any communication.

Session Initiation Protocol over Transport Layer Security (SIP/TLS)
Based on a digital certificate verification process, this technology provides users with enhanced security features over their calls. It hides access to sensitive information in secure phone calls from any unauthorized third parties while allowing the client to connect to the server and listen for inbound connection.

Real-time Transport Protocol over Deep Packet Inspection Beclouding (RTP/DPI)
A custom made technology which will enable VoIP protocols even when they are blocked by using DPI.

Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
An extension to RTP that incorporates enhanced security features by use of encryption and authentication thus reducing the risk of denial of service (DoS) attacks.
In addition to the advanced security architecture, the SECURE PLAY Solution incorporate features which enhances the experience of communicating through the application, available in both the peer-to-peer and group capacity communications. 
Real-time 1-1 & group chat
Send messages instantaneously with state-of-the-art UI and UX, either on 1-1 or group chat.
Voice & video calling
Uninteruppted voice and video calling with high clarity of sound and video quality.
Rich media attachments
Share files from your phone storage & gallery or take an instant photo and send immediately.
Smart indicators
Smart indicators such as typing, read and online indicators for more user friendliness.
Privacy & security
Users can choose to block another user if they do not wish to receive further messages from them.

This page provides a summary of Our Customer Terms for SECURE PLAY subscribed by you (“Services”) and gives you some important information about what those terms cover and your rights and obligations. Please read the information below carefully.

We are committed to providing the Services to you on an "as-is" basis and within a reasonable timeframe only if the Services are available in your area or is technically feasible, if you meet our credit policy requirements and comply with our registration requirements.

In order to get the Service, you will need to:

1. provide us with accurate and complete information at all times as may be required for availing our Services.
2. consent to your personal information (including, but not limited to, your contact details) being used by us, for such purposes as providing you with the latest updates and information of our products and         services, which may be of benefit to you and your businesses.
3. ensure that you have the necessary equipment to use the Services.
4. promptly pay the service charges and other charges relating to the Services. You will be responsible for all service charges of the Services, whether or not you were the one using the Services.
5. make sure that payments to us are in full, without any deductions. At our discretion, we can offset, consolidate or combine accounts or transfer monies outstanding in any of your accounts
    towards reducing any amounts you owe us for the Services.

Your obligations when you use the Service: You must:

1. not disclose your log on details to anyone else, or share your Services.
2. not use the Service:
    • to send spam or unsolicited email messages, and against public interest;
    • for commercial business purpose or resell Services unless permitted by Neutec Technology Sdn Bhd; and/or
    • for any unlawful purpose such as vice or gambling, infringement of other people's intellectual property, publishing any defamatory or abusive/pornographic material.

We may suspend or cancel your Service in a number of circumstances, such as where you breach the terms and conditions, you do not pay your dues on time, where it is necessary to maintain /upgrade our system, there is an emergency, the law allows or requires us to do so, or you become bankrupt or insolvent. If the Service(s) is/are cancelled or suspended, you are required to pay charges outstanding as at cancellation/suspension date. A reconnection charge is payable before we reconnect a cancelled/ suspended Service.

When we can alter the Service: Neutec Technology Sdn Bhd reserves the right from time to time to make any changes deemed necessary and/or required either to its services or the Terms & Conditions. End user will be notified of such changes via Neutec Technology Sdn Bhd's portal. Continued usage of the Service by the end user will be deemed as acceptance by the end user of the changed or revised Terms & Conditions.

We aim to provide but do not guarantee continuous or fault free services. We are not liable to you in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise for any loss or damage [e.g. lost profits or business or consequential losses that you may suffer in connection with the Services (or a failure to provide the Services)]. You agree to indemnify and keep us indemnified against any loss, damage, liability or expenses arising from any claims whatsoever including for libel, invasion of privacy, infringement of intellectual property rights or breach of any law or regulation arising from your use of the Services, whether by you or any other person.

In compliance with any applicable personal data protection laws, or any other equivalent or similar laws, and in the event that you may have registered, whether personally or where your business has done the same, with the "Do Not Call Registry" or any other equivalent or similar registry, or where you wish to withdraw your consent for the use of your personal information, you hereby acknowledge and agree to provide reasonable and sufficient notice to Neutec Technology Sdn. Bhd. via email at: Until such notice is given, you further agree that your consent, whether in your personal capacity or for and on behalf of your business, shall remain in place and you will not hold Neutec Sdn. Bhd. Responsible for and will indemnify it for any penalties imposed upon it in relation to the use of your personal data, or that of your business, for your failure to notify them of your registration with the "Do Not Call Registry" or any other equivalent or similar registry.
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